The Lizard-Brain Definition

The term Lizard-Brain is a light-hearted way of describing the most primitive part of our human brain.

The human Lizard-Brain has been evolving for around 285 million years, and is similar in power and concept to the total brain capacity of a modern lizard, which is why I will refer to it as the Lizard-Brain.

Our Lizard-Brain sits at the top of our spine and is command control for the human body, it is 'pre-verbal' and 'tells' our body what to do and when to do it, automatically, using chemical and electrical signals. We are lucky that it is automatic as we don’t have to put up with messages going through our Thinking-Brains getting us to, … “breathe in” … “breathe out” … “breathe in” ad nauseam. All the routine functioning of our body is done by the Lizard-Brain, behind the scenes, without our knowledge or intervention.

However, our Lizard-Brain's concept of danger is based on the education it received in a society far removed from the modern one we currently live in. Today, the little reptilian controller lurking in our skull, will quite often cause us to perform primeval actions that actually endanger us or those close to us.

The Lizard-Brain learned all it knows during many millions of years of evolution in the Femi-Nest.

The Femi-Nest is the name I have given to the social structure that our ancestors lived in for around one hundred and fifty million years. That’s 150,000,000 years, a figure that, if we are truly honest, is pretty much beyond human comprehension!

Humans live for around 90 years, so we are talking about well over 1.5 million generations of our ancestors: mammals, primates and pre-humans living in this social environment - that’s a lot of conditioning.

Some of the other terms for the Lizard-Brain are: The main functions of the Lizard-Brain in all animals, including humans, are: