How to Avoid Crash Accidents With Horse and Buggies

The horse and buggy is a popular form of personal transport in many parts of the world. In rural communities, it is an alternative to automobiles. However, it is not always safe to share the road with these vehicles. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to avoid crashes.

Who invented the horse and buggy?

One of the most important things you can do to prevent a crash is to be attentive when driving. If you are following a buggie, be sure to give it enough room to pass. This means keeping at least several hundred feet between you and the vehicle. Read more

Another thing you should do is use your headlights at night. Horses are usually dark, but you can use a strobe light or some other form of visible light to help you see them. A yellow LED strobe light on the outside of the front of the buggy is a good way to go.

You might also want to pull over to a safe place if you’re witnessing a crash. Make sure you can give the police a statement and let them know the name of the driver.

Finally, remember that horses are not the only animals that can cause accidents. Buggies can roll over when they are spooked by loud noises. Be aware that they can also slow down when they are passing other buggies.

Other tips include using a reflective tape to improve the visibility of your buggy. Also, never underestimate the speed of oncoming vehicles.

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