Best Workout Clothes for Women

Whether you spend your time working out at home or hitting the gym, finding the right activewear is essential for ensuring you get the most from your workout routine. With so many options available, it can be hard to know which ones are going to fit you well and look good too.

Where should leggings stop?

The best workout clothes should be functional, durable, and fit for purpose. This means that they should be made with materials that promote breathability, durability, comfort, protection, and flexibility, which can help you boost your performance.

Lululemon’s Align High-Rise Leggings are some of our favorites because they’re ultra soft and buttery, yet also offer 4-way stretch to keep you feeling flexible. They’re on the more expensive side, but they’re worth it if you’re looking for a pair that will last a long time.

New Balance is a great option for moderately priced fitness wear. Its collection of tights, tees, bras, and windbreakers is perfect for athletes who aren’t too picky about fashion.

Rhone is another brand that has nailed the functional fitness gear game. Their streamlined line is built with optimized mobility and performance in mind, and they’re outfitted with antimicrobial, four-way stretch, and moisture-wicking properties that will have you looking your best no matter where you train next.


West Coast-based Vuori does athletic wear with a chill, bro sensibility. Their collection of joggers, shorts, and shirts divert from the sheeny polyester and breathable mesh norm, with bright colors, fun patterns, and an overall relaxed aesthetic that’s at home on the beach and in the weight room.

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