The Benefits of a Metal Garden Edging System

A metal garden edging system is a sophisticated, tailored way to upgrade gardens and lawns with a crisp edge. It defines the space, creates a neat transition between lawn and bed and keeps bulk materials like mulch and decorative rock contained, as well as prevents grass from creeping into beds and paths. It also improves drainage, preventing soggy soil and helping to promote healthier, more productive plants.

Is metal edging safe?

Unlike other landscape edging options, such as plastic and bender board, metal edging has the strength and durability to stand up to a variety of conditions. It can withstand impact from mowers and other landscaping tools without damage and won’t crack or become brittle due to winter weather. It is also highly resistant to ground movement, such as frost heave, and is not susceptible to damage from weed eaters or strimmers during routine landscape maintenance. Link :

Metal edging is available in long strips of typically eight to ten feet with overlapping connections. These pieces can be shaped on site or pre-formed during manufacturing to follow intricate contours, yet remain strong and stable when installed. Depending on the edging chosen, some models require stakes to further stabilize them in the ground. Typically, the stakes come with built in anchor points or slots, making them easier to install. Others require a small trench, which is especially helpful when working with clay or sandy soils. The stakes can then be hammered in place with a mallet or the included pin accessory for additional stability.

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