Property Conveyancing Services

Property conveyancing services make sure that when you buy or sell a house, your legal title deeds (and the land it sits on) get transferred from the old owner to the new one. It’s a lengthy process that can be fraught with obstacles and delays, but it’s crucial for protecting your investment.

What is the average conveyancing fee in Western Australia?

Your property conveyancer will put together the contract pack for you, including a draft sale contract and the seller’s Property Information Form(s) – a legally required document where the seller discloses everything about the property they are selling, such as neighbour disputes or previous building work. They will also carry out various searches – these can include local, drainage and water, flood search, energy, planning and a mining search (if necessary for Yorkshire properties).

They’ll raise any enquiries from the searches and advise you on any legal issues arising. They’ll also explain the different types of ownership of a property, such as freehold and leasehold. If the property is leasehold your conveyancer will check the terms of the Lease and draft a new deed to transfer ownership from the seller to you.

They’ll liaise with the seller’s solicitor and estate agent, as well as anyone else involved in the property chain to keep everyone up to date on progress. Once all the legal checks have been completed and any queries resolved, they’ll arrange for ‘exchange’ – when you become legally committed to buying or selling your home. Then it’s just a case of waiting for ‘completion’, when the final transfers are made and you can move in!

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