Investment Apps For Beginners in the UK

investment apps for beginners uk

There are a number of investment apps for beginners uk beginner traders in the UK. Many of these offer low investments amounts, and some even allow you to invest with fractional shares. Before choosing a particular app it’s important to work out your budget and understand how much you can afford to invest. You should also prioritise your goals and how long you want to take to reach them.

Many of the top UK investment apps are FCA regulated and provide a range of features to suit different types of investors. For example, some offer a variety of funds, including ready-made portfolios, while others specialise in providing access to UK and overseas markets. Others offer a wide range of trading options, such as CFDs and forex. And, of course, some allow you to use ISA wrappers for your shares and funds, so that they can grow tax-free.

Start Your Investment Journey Today: A Guide to the Best Beginner-Friendly Investment Apps in the UK

Other features that you should look for in an investment app include a clear and simple user interface, and a choice of assets to trade. eToro, for example, is one of the most popular platforms in the UK because it allows you to invest in stocks, ETFs, cryptoassets, currencies and commodities. It also offers social trading, where you can follow other traders and copy their trades.

Another option to consider is Freetrade, a FCA-regulated UK investment app that offers a number of benefits for beginners, such as a low minimum deposit and commission-free trading. You can trade a huge range of UK and US shares, but if you invest in shares outside of the UK there will be FX charges applied.

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