Choosing the Right Meat Slicer Blades

The meat slicer blades is a kitchen tool that slices foods, including meats, cheeses and vegetables. It has a motor that rotates the blade, cutting food items under a guard, to achieve the desired thickness. It is available in light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty models. It’s best to choose a stainless-steel or Teflon-coated blade, as they are resistant to corrosion and easier to clean, maintaining a sharper edge for longer.

Which blade to use for meat slicer?

Depending on what type of food you are slicing, your choice of meat slicer blade will differ. They come in two forms – serrated and non-serrated (or smooth).

Serrated blades have jagged edges along the entire perimeter of the blade, so they are often better suited for things like bread. They can cut through bread easily without ruining the crust, unlike a smooth blade, which may struggle with this. They are also ideal for cured meats, such as prosciutto or salami.

Non-serrated blades are best suited for other types of food products, such as veggies or cheese. They are easy to maintain, have a fine edge and can be used for anything from slicing cured ham into wafer-thin pieces of prosciutto to slicing a block of cheddar to make homemade swiss sandwiches. It is recommended to keep a selection of both serrated and non-serrated blades in your kitchen, so you can swap them out when one becomes dull. This helps you to get the most out of your electric meat slicer.

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