What is a Tuition Centre?

A Tuition centre is a type of education business that teaches students in small groups. They usually specialise in one or more subjects and are often popular in Asia. They offer weekly 90-minute-long lessons, modelled on Oxford-style tutorials and give parents regular feedback. Some centres also offer extra tuition in science, economics and 11+ and 13+.

What is a private tuition Centre?

A good tuition centre focuses on exam preparation and helps students improve their grades. They help students understand all concepts and learn how to write correct answers. They also provide detailed productive feedback to encourage students to work hard in their studies. They are also flexible with scheduling and affordable in their fees.

Tuition centres are usually a group setting where the tutors teach their respective students in set classes at a fixed timetable. They may be open to make-up lessons for students who are ill or on vacation but this will depend on how the centre is run and its policies. Private tuition, on the other hand, can be more flexible as the individual tutor is only responsible for a limited number of students and will likely be willing to accommodate any requests.

One downside of tuition centres is that the staff turnover rate can be high as many teachers treat it as a gap year or decide that teaching is not for them. This can affect the quality of teaching but an online feedback system that displays all reviews transparently should give an accurate indication of whether a tuition centre is worth sending your child to or not.

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