What Cream is Good For Swollen Feet?

There are a lot of what cream is good for swollen feet that can cause or worsen foot and ankle swelling, such as pregnancy, being overweight, or having a medical condition that affects the way fluid moves throughout your body (like high blood pressure, heart disease or kidney problems). But the good news is that you can do a number of simple things at home to help reduce the swelling.

Inflammation Intervention: Choosing the Right Cream for Swollen Fee

The best thing you can do is get enough fluids. When the body isn’t well hydrated, it tends to retain fluids in an attempt to fight dehydration. In addition, you can try elevating the feet and legs to encourage fluid circulation. This will also help relieve the heaviness that comes with swollen feet. And be sure to wear comfortable shoes that fit well.

Ayurvedic treatments, such as a paste made with punarnava, ginger or deodar (cedar), can also help reduce swelling by stimulating the circulatory system. In addition, you can also use ayurvedic diuretics to help flush out excess fluids.

If at-home remedies don’t relieve your swollen feet, or the swelling occurs along with shortness of breath or pressure in the chest, contact your health care provider. These symptoms might indicate an underlying health problem that needs treatment. They may recommend a combination of self-care treatments or prescription medication to treat the cause of your fluid retention.

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