Protect Your Driving Record With Traffic Ticket Lawyers

When you have been accused of a traffic offense, you may be tempted to pay the fine and get the attorney for tickets dismissed. However, this may not be the best option. In this situation, you may want to hire a New York traffic ticket lawyer to protect your driving record. After all, a clean driving record is essential for employment and insurance. Criminal charges, on the other hand, require a more aggressive defense than traffic infractions. Source:

Fight Your Tickets with Skilled New York Traffic Attorneys

While traffic violations can be dismissed with a simple plea, if you are arrested for a major violation, such as not having insurance, the consequences can be severe. The penalties may include jail time and even a criminal record, so it is crucial to protect yourself by hiring a traffic ticket attorney. In addition, New York drivers can expect to incur a lot of points for violations. A driver can be hit with anywhere from three to eleven points for multiple violations, and if they accumulate 11 points, their license may be suspended or revoked.

Hiring a traffic ticket lawyer in New York is a smart decision if you are facing a speeding ticket. They will be able to advise you on the consequences of a ticket and make the process easier. Additionally, they will be able to negotiate a plea bargain for you. If you agree to pay the fine and accept the citation, you are essentially admitting guilt. In such a scenario, it is crucial to hire a traffic ticket lawyer immediately.

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